10 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Let’s admit, most of us do not think about replacing the roof over our heads until we find visible issues, like leaks, drafts, or mold.

Despite being your home’s first line of defense against the elements, roofs are often overlooked in terms of maintenance and replacement. The Roofing Contractor Association suggests that homeowners conduct roof inspections twice or thrice a year, especially during the fall and spring. It is because the ice and hail accumulation can severely damage the structure of your roof.

In addition to drains, downspouts, gutters, gales, there are plenty of other reasons your roof may suffer from damage, increasing the need for roof replacement. That is what makes it important to look for signs that indicate you need a new roof.

Take a look at the following signs to understand why you need a new roof replacement.

How Much Does a Roof  Replacement Cost?
What Are The Advantages Of Roof Replacement?
When is the Best Time to Install a New Roof?
What Should I Choose Between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement?
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Signs that Indicate You Need Roof Replacement

1. Worn Out Old Looking Roof

Although the life span of a roof depends on the material it is made of, the average shingle lasts 15 to 20 years. However, if you have a tile or metal roof, it may enjoy a comparatively longer lifespan. That means your roof or shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan. Consequently, you should consider replacing it with a new roof.

2.      Overlaying

If you have installed a new roof over an old or existing roof, it is better to replace your roof once in five years. Although overlaying is a good practice and can quickly fix the damage beneath the sheet or shingle surface, it needs proper maintenance.

3.      Missing or Curling Shingles

As mentioned above, your roof goes through a lot. From snow, rain to sweltering heat, it experiences enough to wear down before its actual warranty time ends. The long-term and incessant beating from nature such as roof wind damage often results in missing, curling, and buckling shingles.

These can be a sign of roof decay and one of the 10 signs you need a roof replacement. Before these missing parts make your house more vulnerable to the elements, you should consider roof replacement soon.

4.      Cracks in Chimneys and Vents

If there is flashing around the chimney, skylights, and vents seals due to weather or rain, it may lead to severe leakage and damage to the roof. It is better to replace it with metal roofs. You must examine these points whether you want residential roofing repair or commercial roofing repair. Even minor breaks or cracks could lead to severe leaks. If you live in older construction, your home’s flashing is tar or cement-based. However, it is always a wise idea to upgrade it to a metal flashing system.

Metal roof contractors or Oklahoma City Roof replacement can help you replace the roof to increase its durability.

5.      House Plants

Moss looks good in shady corners of the yard. However, if it is on the roof, it can spell trouble. Like mold and fungi, moss indicates trapped moisture in the roof. You not only need to be vigilant about moss developing on your roof but also do away with it. If cleaning moss seems impossible or it already has started spreading, consider replacing your roof to address all the underlying problems.

6.      Unwanted Rot

A sagging and droopy roof are surely unpleasant to live under. Before your home experiences further damage, opt for a replacement. To spot the signs, check your roof for trapped moisture, sagging spots, and rotting boards, particularly at the lowest parts of the roof.

7.      Clogged Gutters

Gutters, without a doubt, play an important role in not only keeping water off the roof but also preventing moisture damage. That makes keeping gutters clean or clear of obstructions critically important. Make sure you clean the gutters at least once or twice a year. When cleaning gutters, if you find a piece of roof materials or shingle granules, this could be an indication of a deteriorating roof.


8.      Weakened Decking

Did you know decking provides support to all your roof layers as a base of the roof?

Installed on top, it acts as an underlayment, shingles, and flashing. Therefore, if you find any damage to the decking, other parts of the roof may not be doing so well either. Keep in mind that when water goes inside the decking, the wooden part starts warping, bending, and rotting. And when it happens, the underlayment doesn’t provide enough support to the other parts of the roof. This may put the whole roofing structure at risk of collapse and is one of the most important 10 signs you need a roof replacement

9.      Roof Hail Damage

Checking your roof and other parts of your property for hail damage is no less than a challenge. Ultimately, it depends on the material your roof is made of and whether it can sustain hail damage or not. For example, metal and asphalt shingles have obvious dents after a hailstorm, but you may not see any sign of damage on gravel and tar roofs unless you are a professional.

Regardless of material, if your property has suffered from damage in a hailstorm, it is an indicator that it is vulnerable to rapid deterioration of roofing material, damaged sidings, roof leaks, cracked window glasses, and damaged outdoor lights, etc.

It is important to consider that even minor hail damage can lead to a big issue like water incursion or leakage, harming your property.

To make matters worse, an insurance policy for hail damage gives you only one year to file your claim.

That is why you must determine the extent of hail damage on your roof as early as possible, even if your property does not have obvious damages. Or, call professional Edmond Oklahoma Roof replacement to spot hidden roof damage.

10-signs-you-need-a-roof-replacement 10-signs-you-need-a-roof-replacement-now

10. Blistering Exterior Paint

If the attic of your home is poorly ventilated, it increases humidity or moisture near the roof. This can cause the paint to blister or peel.


How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

The average cost to install or replace a new roof varies quite a bit. Typically, the roof replacement cost falls between $5100 and $10000 as per Home Advisor. However, the cost of roof replacement can be as low as $1300 or as high as $25000, depending on the type of roof you choose.

Most roofing contractors charge homeowners $500 per sqft. Keep in mind that the cost of roof replacement depends on different factors such as damage, material, and square footage.

 What Are The Advantages Of Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement offers plenty of benefits in terms of improving your roof’s life expectancy. For instance, a new roof is;

  • Good Investment
  • Energy saving
  • Improve stability of home
  • Ensures long-term safety
  • Improves curb appeal
  • Comes with a guaranty
  • Provides a Fresh appearance

When is the Best Time to Install a New Roof?

If you notice that your roof needs constant repairs or is over twenty years old, it may be the right time to replace the roof. Similarly, if your roof has completed its lifespan, it is time to consider roof replacement.

Ideally, the transition from warm to cooler temperatures is the prime time to replace the roof. In fact, fall or autumn is the best time for roof replacement because of them;

  • Timing
  • Mild weather
  • Comfortable temperature

What Should I Choose Between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement?

The answer to this question depends on the condition of your roof. If the roof of your home is in good condition, reroofing is one of your options instead of tearing it off and installing a new one. If the roof has a protective industrial membrane or shingles, you may add another layer of roofing material on top of the existing roof. It doesn’t require extensive labor, time, or materials and is a cheaper option.

However, if your roof is too old or near the end of its lifespan, reroofing is not the right option. Or if you notice any of the signs mentioned above on your residential or commercial roof, it is always better to replace them. Replacing a roof, though, is more expensive. Nevertheless, it adds years to life expectancy and enhances overall curb appeal.

Roofing Contractors Company

There are plenty of roof contractors who can help homeowners with roof repairs. They have trained professionals who have experience and knowledge in the relevant field. Professionals have contingency plans when it comes to dealing with cracks and punctures, leaking roofs, and damaged shingles. Hence, they can help you determine whether your roof needs repairs or replacement.

Experts usually begin with a FREE roof inspection to determine the underlying causes of the damage. Once they narrow down the problem, roof service companies offer ideal solutions to uplift resistance and enhance your roof’s lifespan.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, spotting the problems in your roof in time can help homeowners make an informed and timely decision on roof replacement. Whether your roof requires partial replacement or minor repairs, caching the issues in time is important to avoid costly fixes. And only roofing experts can inspect the roof professionally. Thus, the given details in the article may help you understand your roof’s condition and prevent damages.

Do not ignore any of the 10 top signs you need a roof replacement, give Ranger Roofing a call for a free roof inspection and a complete report.