If your property has experienced significant roof damage, you may need to opt for a roof replacement.

In this article, we are going to explain how to negotiate a roof replacement with your insurance and get reimbursed for it.

Whether it is storm damage or hail damage, bad weather can wreak havoc on your home’s most important defense system. If not addressed quickly, storm damage can compromise the structural integrity of your home, and it may leave you with some costly repairs and replacements.

That is why is very important that you should carry homeowner’s insurance that covers storm damage. You would need to get your roof inspected before you file an insurance claim, and once your roof is inspected for damages, it is time to discuss roof replacement options with your insurance company.

Don’t worry if you have no idea how can you do that? Here is a step-by-guide to help you consult your insurer and claim the cost of roof replacement.

Why Negotiating Roof Replacement with Insurance Company is Important

As mentioned above, speaking with your insurer regarding any roofing damage is of paramount importance. If you have a policy that covers you for roof damage, you don’t have to pay out of pocket for the costly roof replacement. Roof replacement experts in Oklahoma City emphasize the importance of assessing damage first before contacting the insurance company. Plus, it is important to review the homeowner’s policy to understand the insurance claim.

Reliable roof replacement services in Oklahoma City can help you evaluate the condition of your home.

If the weather condition allows, a professional roofing expert would assess the condition of your roof checking for severe damages. The roofing expert makes sure to evaluate all areas, such as gutters, shingles, and ventilation equipment. They will mark the key locations, problem areas, take pictures and prepare an evaluation document for you.

Negotiating a roof replacement typically involves a combination of preparation, inspection, and documentation. A complete roof evaluation will help convince your insurer to cover you for a complete roof replacement, so hiring a professional roofer to file a claim on your behalf is a wise decision.


How to Negotiate a Roof Replacement with your insurance and get paid.

How to negotiate a roof replacement with your insurance

Understand Your Roofing Insurance Coverage

Knowledge is power. Do not let your insurer tell you what your policy covers and what it doesn’t. Many homeowners don’t bother reading the policy until their homes suffer damage. Understanding the policy may take a little bit of time if you have never paid attention to it before, but it is important.

This is because the information in the policy will help you make informed financial decisions regarding roof replacement or repairs. If you don’t have a hard copy of the policy, you can request an electronic file from your insurance company. It is worth mentioning that most insurers offer two types of insurance:

  • Replacement coverage – covers roof replacement that is hard or impossible to repair.
  • Repair coverage -covers or reimburses for a percentage of roof repair costs.

Note that usually, homeowner insurance policies are costly, and getting your claim approved is a daunting task. That is why it is critical to have written proof of the damage to submit the claim. Plus, you need to be vigilant and quick to file the claim.

Unfortunately, some homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover all types of roof damage. The coverage primarily depends on the type of policy, cause of damage, and location. For instance, a hail storm in Oklahoma City that damages your roof will likely be covered by insurance as it is a natural and unpreventable event.

The damage caused by a hurricane, on the other hand, may not be covered due to the frequency of the disaster, lack of coverage, or precautionary measures. It is also unlikely that your insurance will cover roof damage due to the fault of an unlicensed roofer.

Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor

The next step is to look for a reliable and experienced roofing contractor who knows how to negotiate roof replacement with your insurance company. Keep in mind that your best ally when claiming reimbursement for roof damage is an experienced, licensed, and reputed roofer. That is why you need to make sure that you choose an Oklahoma City roof replacement service with:

  • A wealth of experience to deal with insurance claims
  • A licensed and insured professional
  • A stellar reputation and track record

Only an expert roofing contractor understands what is required to file an insurance claim.

File a Claim with your Insurance Company within 30 Days!

Your promptness and vigilance in filing the claim are important. We say this because, in many states, homeowners need to file a claim within four to six weeks. Failure to file a timely claim can be the reason for denial. That is why you need to file the paperwork as early as you can to get the claim processed.

Have Your Roof Independently Inspected and Document the Damage

No matter how strange or cynical it may sound, all-wise homeowners do this. Bear in mind that insurance companies scrutinize or study all claims for roof replacement. They look for solid proof and documentation to determine what has caused the roof damage.

Most insurance companies send an inspector or adjuster to figure this out. Your insurer may send an independent inspector if the damage is extensive and there is a load of claims to handle. However, as the inspector is an employee of the insurance company, they may favor the insurance company.

That is why you should consider having your roof inspected independently by a roofing contractor who knows how to negotiate roof replacement with your insurance.

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What reasons do inspectors use to deny the claim? 

Common reasons an insurance company may use to deny the claim are:

  • The roof was not installed properly, so it is the fault of the roofer
  • The roofing material is faulty or of low quality, so it is the fault of the manufacturer
  • The roof is not properly maintained. When the vent pipe boot cracks, then your roof is prone to water leaks. So it is the fault or negligence of the homeowner
  • The attic doesn’t have proper ventilation. It has made shingles susceptible to leaks and wind damage. It is the fault of the builder.
  • The damage or cracks are cosmetic so the roof can still shelter or protect the house

Get a Comprehensive Report from a Roofing Contractor

You must have a documented evaluation from your independent contractor to highlight the issues mentioned above. It should have a detailed analysis of the cause and extent of the damage and your roof’s condition.

The overall cost of independent inspection of roof damage may cost up to $600. However, the amount is worth spending if it helps you get the roofing insurance claim paid. If the matter goes to court, your roofer and insurance company inspector will be against each other. As long as your report is authentic and credible, you don’t have to worry.

Hire a Roofing Contractor that Fights for You

If the insurer’s offer doesn’t pay for your roof replacement, you need a good contractor to advocate for you. In such a scenario, the majority of roof replacement experts in Oklahoma City contact the insurance company and press it for the amount needed to get the job done.

Though the frequency of such incidents is high, the results in most cases are positive, and It is because no insurer wants roofing contractors to spread the word that the insurance company doesn’t take care of its customers.

Share the Details of Paid Premiums with the Agent

The matter rarely comes to this if you follow the suggestions given above, but some insurance companies offer you less than you deserve and don’t budge.

If this happens, you must calculate the number of premiums you have already paid to the company over the years. Homeowners who bundle their policy – car, home, liability, and others with the same insurer, can add up to the total premiums.

If you have paid more than the cost of the insurance claim you have filed, and your insurer has denied it, share the findings with your agent with proof.

Beware of Insurance Scams

When it comes to claiming insurance, be aware of the potential scammers who can take advantage of your situation. They may try to bind you in a contract, promising you a free roof. However, stay away from these scammers. If you come across a salesperson trying his best to convince you for a “no premium deal”, never trust him.

Bottom Line

Replacing or repairing a roof is expensive, especially if the damage is severe. This is why it is important to get reasonable compensation from your insurance company. If you have had trouble convincing your insurer to cover you for the roof replacement, the tips we have covered will help you negotiate.

The insurance claim process might be simple and fast or may take many weeks or even a month to complete. Regardless of how long it takes, you should have trusted and reliable roof replacement contractors by your side throughout the process. If you need more information regarding the roof replacement claim process or want to schedule a roof replacement evaluation, you should contact professional and experienced roof replacement contractors in Oklahoma City.